La Trobe invites students to use empty car parks to practice

The new University initiative will improve parking and fill the hours of these long long days.

In an effort to stem the tide of catastrophic parking by students at La Trobe University since its inception 50 years ago, the University is inviting students to our now empty car parks to have a practice.

Dr Cara Parker, Head of University’s Research Centre for Stationary Automotive Placement, said:

“We’ve seen a steep increase in horrific parking over the last two years, much to chagrin of those law-abiding drivers looking for a nice neat car park.

“As most of the buildings on our campuses are now closed we think it’s the perfect opportunity for disgracefully inept drivers to come in and have a go.

A helpful video guide on parking between the lines.

“Many people have a lot of time during their social isolation when they’d like to get out of the house and get away from their claustrophobic family.”

La Trobe hope the new scheme will get people to park between the lines and prevent them becoming social pariahs.

The University has asked that anyone coming in to have a practice remains in their car and observes physical distancing measures.