Introducing AccessAbility and Inclusion (formerly Equity and Diversity)

Student Health and Wellbeing are delighted to announce the emergence of a new workgroup called AccessAbility and Inclusion.

AccessAbility and Inclusion was formed by a merger of some staff from the Inclusive Resource Development team with the Equity and Diversity team and the welcome addition of Beth Radulski, Neurodiversity Project Officer. Our aim will be to provide a seamless service to students registered with AccessAbility and Inclusion, including students living with a mental health condition, ongoing medical condition or disability (this may include physical, neurological, intellectual, sensory, acquired brain injury, or specific learning difficulty), and students who are registered for holding significant carer responsibilities for someone living with disability or who are frail/aged.

AccessAbility and Inclusion will work to establish strong relationships with all the other teams that are here to support and assist students from Pathway right through to Postgraduate.

To register with AccessAbility and Inclusion students need to provide a statement from their treating health practitioner or a detailed report. We use this as the basis to negotiate a Learning Access Plan (LAP). We are currently working on a process to automate the distribution of LAPS to academic staff at the commencement of each teaching period and hope to have this in place for Semester 1 2021.

Our team remains active through the summer semester and you can see our contact details here.

For further details about the services provided to students registered with AccessAbility and Inclusion, please see our current website.