Internal course transfer applications open Monday 14 October

Internal course transfer applications open Monday 14 October

Internal course transfer applications open Monday 14 October! You can apply for an internal course transfer if you wish to transfer:

  1. from one La Trobe University coursework degree to another
  2. to a different La Trobe University campus

There are a few things you need to take note of before you apply:

  • Check the available course list for the course you want to transfer to.
  • Check the pre-requisite requirements on the find a course page.
  • Check the course-specific requirements found on the website for:
      – Education Courses Transfers
      – Law Course Transfers      
      – Health Science Course Transfers
      – La Trobe Rural Health School campus transfers

When completing your application, you can select 2 preferences. Transfer applications will be reviewed following the official release of results for semester 2 and may take a few weeks after this to be processed. 

If you have any questions about your course transfer, please get in touch with ASK La Trobe.

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