How to Nail your Nursing and Midwifery Grad Application

Applying for nursing or midwifery grad roles is a competitive process – so back yourself and prepare to take it one step at a time to get the best result.  

The Careers Team have put together 5 steps to help you submit stand-out applications to the graduate programs and hospitals that interest you most.  

Step 1: Do your research 

Find out as much as you can about each hospital, their values, their services, their grad program and their recruitment processes.  Visit their website and attend a virtual info session or stream online our recent information sessions and grad coordinator Q&A panels (metro and regional) via the  LTU’S Nursing Careers Channel

Check out the summary of upcoming health service information sessions for a range of grad nursing and midwifery programs here

Create a ‘longlist’ of hospitals you’d like to apply to.  

Step 2: Reflect 

Consider your placement experiences, strengths and interests, and the research you have done. Which hospitals and graduate programs are a good match for you? Which ones would you really love to be accepted into? 

‘Why do you want to work with us?’ will be a common question in the application process.  Can you explain what you hope to learn and contribute to their services, their team, their patients as a graduate health professional? Reflecting and communicating the why will help make your application stand out from the crowd. It demonstrates your level of genuine interest and motivation – attractive attributes to any employer. 

Step 3: Draft up your resume and cover letter 

Get an update on how to put together a decent resume and cover letter by downloading our:  

Check out our webinars:  

These webinars are general in nature and a great way of covering the basics. You’ll need to create up- to-date draft documents to bring along to our tailored workshops. 

Step 4: Attend a Graduate Nursing & Midwifery Workshop 

Created specifically with you in mind, these workshops focus on highlighting your key selling points and assisting you to tailor your resume, cover letter and online applications. Each hospital will have different requirements so you will need to tailor your application. Spots are limited, so book in fast! 

Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Workshop: Writing Effective Resumes 

  • Tuesday 23 June – 12pm – 1pm 

Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Workshop: Cover Letters & Online Applications 

  • Thursday 9 July – 2pm – 3pm   

Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Workshop: Writing Effective Resumes – (Repeat)  

  • Tuesday 14 July – 2pm – 3pm  

Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Workshop: Preparing for Interviews  

  • Thursday 6 August – 2pm – 3pm  

Further workshops will be listed on the Events page on Career Hub

Step 5: Make an appointment with a Careers Team Member 

Once you’ve completed and tailored your documents, book in to have your cover letter or resume document reviewed by one of our Career Advisors via phone or zoom.  Book online   

Hospitals want to hear from you – so start today!  

Now’s the time to do your research, inform yourself about what’s on offer, and set your sights on the best grad nursing program options for you.