How to make your summer holidays count!

Written by Paige Voss and originally published on the Wise ASSC Blog.

I know, I know. I know that you’ve been hanging out for the holiday period so you DON’T have to do anything uni related. I know how hard you’ve worked, and how long you’ve been waiting for a well deserved holiday – AWAY from the library!

The holiday period is meant to be a relaxing time, a time to re-group and enjoy that well-earned break.

Although, it is important not to waste this time in its entirety. This is the perfect opportunity to get ahead in your studies (and future career endeavours) and show future employers that you are ready and willing to work!

Below are three ways to get ahead of your studies, and use the summer break to your full advantage!

  1. Summer subjects If you’re anything like me and feel super frustrated about the work load during the busy weeks of semester, I 100% recommend doing a summer subject. Having one subject over summer is super chilled, keeps your mind working over the break and takes the stress off during those busy times of the semester- what more could you ask for! I found completing a summer subject took off a huge load of stress during semester and  allowed me to concentrate on the core subjects.
  2. Internships – although the majority of the time, unpaid, interning is the day way to get hands on experience in your particular field and is a great addition to your resume- this is also something you can get credit points for (see Summer subjects link for more info).  For me, completing this internship at the Wise ASSC blog gave me a taste of a real-life workplace and provided me with a huge amount of confidence.
  3. Volunteering – again, this is golden for your resume. It shows that you are willing to work hard (and unpaid) to get experience and that you are dedicated to learning and helping others. This isn’t restricted to volunteering in your field, as it can sometimes be hard to find events/ organisations that align with what you’re studying. Volunteering at any event- big or small is beneficial both academically and personally- it’s a win-win!

By taking the initiative to apply and read into these opportunities, you will find yourself ahead of the game. It is also a great way to build your skill-set and boost your confidence!

For any of these opportunities, I would check out the Career Hub for your first point of call. Then, scanning through job sites such as Indeed, Seek and LinkedIn will give you an idea of what opportunities are out there!

Happy searching and enjoy your summer!