How to act in online classes: A guide for La Trobe University students

Remote learning is a new experience for many students this year. So it’s only natural that you might have questions about what you’re can and can’t do in this new environment.

To help you navigate remote learning, La Trobe has prepared this guide to online classes to ensure the experience is safe, secure and respectful for students and staff alike.

Recording a session

Recording virtual classes (eg via Zoom) have different privacy implications to ECHO360 recordings. To ensure appropriate privacy protections are in place:

  • you will be told at the beginning of the session if it will be recorded
  • recordings must not be distributed by students or staff outside of LMS
  • all subjects that will possibly record classes will have a recording disclosure published on the announcements in the subject LMS prior to recording

Video: on or off?

There are many legitimate contexts or personal circumstances which may lead you to leave you video off during class. If you do not wish to be recorded, you are advised to either disable your video or contact your lecturer/tutor who will advise if accessing the recording only will be appropriate. We support a students right to leave their video off.

Online class engagement

Some of the strategies you use for face to face classes will be useful online, but others don’t adapt well to the online classroom. The Student Success team have put together some useful tips for online classes. Remember you can also talk to your lecturer/tutor about the best way to make the new delivery method work for you!

Supporting the transition online

Success & Transition created an online LMS guide  entitled Your Guide to Studying Online. Any member of the LTU community can enrol by searching the ‘Search Subjects’ function on the LMS home page. The guide includes everything you need to successfully make the transition to online study, including tips and tricks for staying motivated and engaged.

Managing inappropriate behaviour

While we are studying online, we expect you to continue complying with the Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Student Behaviour Policy. This means you should treat your online classes with the same level of professionalism you do your face to face classes. We understand this is a difficult time for everyone so remember you can always reach out to Speak Up for support, or if you notice inappropriate behaviour in other students.

Misuse of recordings

Social media is not the place to share class recordings and material. Sharing content outside of LMS can cause potential privacy issues and might constitute a breach of the University’s Statutory Copyright Licence and the rights of copyright owners. If you see any posts you think infringe copyright, you can submit a request to have the content removed by contacting the University Copyright Advisor. The University may also investigate the misuse as alleged student general misconduct.

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