How choosing the right elective subjects can boost your employability

There are lots of activities you can do to develop your employability and develop that competitive edge; but finding time to fit it all in is not easy. Here are four ideas to make the most of the choosing elective subjects in your course to get the competitive edge.

1. Enrol in LTU2PYC – Planning Your Career

Planning Your Career is a new subject commencing in Semester 2, which gives you time and space to identify a range of options and strategies to develop your employability and identify potential career paths related to your degree.

2. Enrol in LTU2SLC – Service Learning in the Community

Volunteer for organisations in your community that make a difference!​ In this subject, you’ll learn about the history of not for profit work and the importance of maintaining ethics and authenticity in volunteering. Alongside your community placement, you’ll take several online modules to support your learning and help you reflect on how to link your volunteering experiences to your future career.

3. Enrol in a subject outside your major

Make yourself stand out to employers by taking some elective subjects in a different field to your major. Innovative ideas often come from combining knowledge from different fields. Or developing entrepreneurial skills that will help you turn your knowledge of the feeding habits of the rufous bettong into a side gig.

Your elective subjects could open employment options in a specific industry. For example, let’s say you are studying human resources and you take a few subjects in engineering. You’re going to be in a good chance of getting a job in the HR department of an engineering firm because you have more knowledge about that industry than other HR graduates. Or channel your inner Rebel Wilson to combine your love of drama with a contracts law subject, so you can negotiate better performance deals.

4. Get planning

Start thinking about some interesting subjects you can add to your program and make yourself stand out to potential employers, or open up your career options. Jump on the Subject Search website and put in a keyword, hit search, and see where it takes you.