How Career Ready will make you job ready

We all know that the workplace is changing at a rapid pace, with technology powering forwarding and changing the future of work. At La Trobe we want all of our students to be ready to adapt and be prepared for these changes once you graduate. Employers have told us that proactively developing your life skills to build on your academic acumen will make you stand out as a candidate.

To support you in developing these outside of classroom skills we’ve created Career Ready that will provide you with the skills and attributes you’ll need to land the job you want once you’ve graduated.

What’s the Career Ready Employability Framework?

On top of being equipped with the top skills you’ll learn through your degree program, we’ve designed this framework to provide you with three sets of skills you’ll need for the workplace;

  1. Communication and literacy skills that will give you the ability to confidently engage with people at work by building relationships and working effectively with diverse groups of people.
  2. Personal and professional skills that will support you to be a leader and contribute to a team at work in an adaptable and ethical way.
  3. Inquiry and analysis skills to help you to interpret data and use evidence and create innovative solutions to challenging situations

The aim is to combine these skills with the top personal attributes that employer’s are seeking – passion, resilience, curiosity and empathy.

How do I develop these employability skills and attributes and access the resources?

  1. Complete the Career Ready Orientation Module on the LMS – just search for Career Ready Orientation in Subjects.
  2. Access LinkedIn Learning while you study to build your skill set for the workplace, we have free access for all students to thousands of resources.
  3. Gain practical experience through professional and community based activities such as Work Integrated Learning, Industry Placements and Industry Mentoring.
  4. Use our template and get our advice to develop your Career Portfolio that will get you ready to apply for that graduate job

To learn more about Career Ready Advantage and to access all of the Careers resources visit the Careers and Opportunities homepage.