Have your say in setting the priorities for how we spend SSAF next year!

As a part of your enrolment, every La Trobe student pays a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). You might pay this directly to the University (either as a SSAF fee or through your tuition fees if you’re an international student) or defer your fee through SA-HELP

We want to hear from you and would love to know what you would like to see SSAF used for in 2022. 

Have your say (AND WIN!) 

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey at ssaf2021.questionpro.com 

By participating, you will not only help to make decisions around how SSAF is spent (and improve the experience of all La Trobe Students), but you can also go into the running to win one of TEN prizes of $100 vouchers – which you can spend on WHATEVER you like! (Terms and Conditions apply

What is SSAF? 

The SSAF is a compulsory fee to cover non-academic support services such as: 

  • advocacy
  • counselling
  • legal services 
  • careers advice 
  • financial advice 
  • child care 
  • independent student representation 

The University uses SSAF to fund a wide range of services and amenities every year, designed specifically with you, our student community in mind. Importantly, SSAF funded services are available at all campuses and online, which ensures that no matter where you are based you can access these services. 

The University provides some SSAF funded services directly, while some are provided by external organisations including student organisations.  

If you’ve enjoyed student-led events and activities throughout the year, clubs and societies and on-campus food services you have felt the benefits of SSAF. 

With SSAF, we are able to support the operation of the Student Wellbeing Team, the Learning Hub, Peer Support programs and the Students Partnership program. SSAF is also used to subsidise sports facilities and services so you can access them more cheaply.  

One of the fantastic services that is funded by SSAF is the student advocacy service. The student advocacy service includes financial counselling and legal services.  

Thanks to your SSAF contribution, these important services are available and ready to help you – providing ongoing support, whenever they are needed! 

It’s important to remember that this funding helps to improve everyone’s student experience at La Trobe University. You may use many, some, or none of these services and amenities that the SSAF funds. 

What is SSAF used for? 

In 2021, following your feedback on spending priorities provided in 2020, the following allocations for SSAF were set. 

Area Funding 
Student Honoraria  (payment to student representatives) 3% 
Advocacy 5% 
Financial Advice <1% 
Legal Advice <1% 
Clubs and Societies 4% 
Orientation, Events and Marketing  5% 
Operating Costs for Student Organisations, Associations and Representation (Management, Business Operations, Administration) 12% 
Student Advising Program 17% 
Student Partnerships, Student Engagement and Excellence Academy 13% 
Learning Hub 13% 
La Trobe Sport 10% 
Maths & Science Hub 5% 
Student Health and Wellbeing 4% 
Employability & Work Integrated Learning 4% 
Healthcare Clinic <1% 
International Student Travel Concessions <1% 
Total $7,546,490 

***percentages are indicative of allocated spend. For further information, see the SSAF website

What to know more about SSAF? 

Check out the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website, the SSAF website, the FAQs and the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) Policy.