Have you considered these electives?

Do you have room in your course plan for an elective? One of these could be just the ticket!

Virtual Reality as Philosophy

Virtual Reality as Philosophy (PHI3VRP) discusses the philosophical significance of Virtual Reality (VR) and other related technologies (like Augmented Reality and Video Games).

These developing technologies raise many interesting ethical, social, metaphysical, and existential questions. This subject will introduce you to these issues and give you the conceptual tools to evaluate and analyse them, not only now but into the future as these technologies continue to change and evolve. Find out more here.

Volunteering Placement: Service Learning in the Community

Are you a second-year undergraduate student at La Trobe University wishing to undertake a volunteering placement in a community setting?

You may be interested in driving social change, protecting the environment, building a fair and inclusive community, supporting refugees or there may be another cause you’re passionate about.  

Sign up for LTU2SLC Service Learning in the Community, an online subject running in semester 2 and it’s open to students from all campuses and from both the ASSC and SHE Colleges. 

If you’re already volunteering, contact the team via email service.learning@latrobe.edu.au to see if you’re eligible to enrol in LTU2SLC and potentially gain credit for the work you’ll continue to undertake in semester 2. All placements must be approved by the Subject Coordinator prior to commencement. 

Online course: Contemporary Issues in Sex and Sexuality

In Semester 2, 2020, all La Trobe University undergraduate students are welcome to take the online elective: HLT1CSS: Contemporary Issues in Sex and Sexuality.

  • Online course
  • 15 credit points
  • First year elective unit
  • Open to all La Trobe University Students
  • One-hour online seminar each week (Thursdays at 4pm)
  • Two optional face-to-face workshops will be held during the semester in both Melbourne and Bendigo (social isolation measures permitting).

This subject will introduce students to contemporary issues and debates relating to gender and sexuality, sexuality education and sexual health This elective is relevance to students from a wide range of disciplines including public health, allied health, education, outdoor ed, community development, law, sociology, gender and sexuality studies and politics.

Find out more here.

Online subject: Planning Your Career

Planning Your Career is a subject which gives you time and space to identify a range of options and strategies to develop your employability and identify potential career paths related to your degree.

LTU2PYC is an undergraduate 2nd year level subject available to students on all campuses. It is fully online, and each week includes a mix of readings, videos, and practical activities.

Find out more here.