Have you considered enrolling in Winter School?

Have you considered enrolling in Winter School 2021? The 2021 Winter semester runs over a four-week period from Monday 14 June to Friday 9 July, and gives you the opportunity to catch up or get ahead with your studies.

The last day to enrol before classes start is 13 June!

Enrolling in Winter School can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • You can complete electives outside of standard Semester that will allow you to complete your degree earlier.
  • If you’re under pressure completing you’re subjects in the standard Semester, completing electives during the Winter semester can be an excellent way to spread out your workload throughout the year.
  • There’s some really interesting electives available. Thinking about picking up a language? Winter School is the perfect opportunity to do it!

Winter School Dates

Monday 14 June – Friday 9 JulyTeaching period
Tuesday 13 – Friday 16 JulyExam period
Thursday 24 JuneLast day to enrol
Thursday 28 JulyResults released

Finding winter subjects

Winter subjects are listed on the Winter School webpage. More subjects are being confirmed and being added, so check this page regularly for updates! You can also confirm current information via the Handbook.

How to enrol in Winter School

Current students who meet the prerequisites may enrol in winter subjects via StudentOnLine. If the subject requires Subject Coordinator approval, please seek their approval via email and, when this is received, complete a Variation of Enrolment (under the Enrolment tab in StudentOnLine) and attach a screen shot of the email.

Very important to note…

Given the intensive nature of Winter School, we usually recommend that you only enrol in one subject.

If you meet the prerequisites for a subject but are already enrolled in 60 credit points for Semester 2, StudentOnLine may prevent you from enrolling due to a credit point issue. In this case, please submit a Variation of Enrolment for your enrolment to be processed manually.