Graduate jobs are available now!

Did you know that it is the peak season for graduate recruitment?

So if you’re graduating in 2022, check out CareerHub for the many graduate roles commencing in early 2023! Employers are recruiting for graduates from a range of disciplines and the roles are located across Australia.

If you’re in the penultimate year of your degree and looking for a paid, summer internship, CareerHub also includes opportunities that may be of interest to you.

Don’t miss out and get working on those applications because waiting until you complete your degree may be a little too late.

Where to access careers and employability related resources:

  1. CareerHub
    Access information regarding part-time/casual & full-time roles, volunteering opportunities, vacation & graduate programs, employability events, Career Ready Advantage Award, and the latest news.
  2. Career Ready OnLine – cv360, interview360 and more!
    Use your student username and password to log in to CareerHub and Career Ready OnLine
  3. Employer Connect
    Access the graduate programs calendar.