Flywire Charitable Foundation Scholarship

The Flywire Charitable Foundation is excited to announce its Academic Scholarship Program for 2022!

This is the 3rd straight year that Flywire has collaborated with clients in this fulfilling endeavor to award deserving students from around the world in their pursuit of higher education.

The Foundation was created with the goal of encouraging, supporting, and assisting global students in their pursuit of an education, and is rooted in the Flywire Charitable Foundation’s values of equality, access, and affordability.  

This year, Flywire Charitable Foundation will award a total of 8 scholarships at $5000 USD each across the following themes:

  • Social Justice
  • Global Citizenship
  • Global Health
  • Environmental Sustainability

Two winners will be awarded for each theme.

Who is eligible?

The scholarships are open to matriculating & currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students worldwide. All majors are welcome to apply!

Application close Saturday 18 June 2022, 1:59pm AEST

Apply NOW!