Five reasons why I’m enjoying learning online

I’m Sasha, a student intern at MyLaTrobe this semester, studying a Master of Communications (Journalism Innovation).Here, I’ll be talking about a few advantages of online learning.

The global pandemic has caused a drastic change, especially where education is concerned. Some students are finding it difficult to learn online, but I’ve found there are actually also quite a few advantages. Thanks to technology, learning online is far easier than it potentially could have been a few decades ago.

Let’s get into some of the silver linings I’ve come across, and you may have too.

1. Strengthened self-discipline

For me personally, I feel there are a lot of advantages of online learning. Most of the time at home, I just tend to relax and pass my time but with online learning, I’ve found I’m more organized and focused on my work. It requires a bit of time-management as well on my part. As University students, we do not need someone to tell us to get ready for class or do necessary work because we are more aware that these decisions are resting with us.

2. Greater flexibility

We can have our own flexible schedule, especially now we do not have to have a focused schedule for other activities. We can do whatever we want at different times. Along with online learning we can also do other activities whenever we want in our day-to-day lives like exercise, listening to the lecture as a podcast or maybe even enjoy the rest of your day with housemates or family.

3. Saving on travel and other expenses

Every day we have to travel to University to study, which increases our cost of living. But with online learning we do not have to travel, and it saves us money. We spend a lot of money by eating unhealthy food outside almost every other day when we are at University (guilty), but with online learning we get to eat home cooked food everyday which helps our body and mind.

4. Less intimidating classes

The fourth advantage is it can be less intimidating. Some students in a classroom find it difficult to communicate and ask questions. Online learning makes it much easier to share our thoughts and views than if we were seated in a lecture in class. Even if we have to raise doubts we can message or email the lecturer or even ask questions on chat forums.

5. Better group communication

One final advantage for me has been the improvement in communicating within group projects. Most undergraduate and postgraduate courses encourage students to have some sort of group project. Students can find it a bit difficult to meet on a specific day and at the right time to complete the project. In this case online learning is really advantageous, as students who undertaking group work can communicate online via chat rooms, or email or even chat on social media where most of us spend maximum amount of our time.