Final Reflection: Over, and OUT!

Paige Voss comes to the conclusion of her time at La Trobe as a student, and intern at the Wise ASSC blog.

Time REALLY does fly when you’re having fun – or are super busy!

I can’t believe that I am just about to complete my final semester at university. What a whirlwind the last three years have been.

I’ll say the same thing as every graduand, ever, and say there have been many ups and downs, tears and all, but I am so proud of everything that I achieved while at La Trobe and I am beyond excited for what the future holds.

By far the biggest stand out of my degree was completing the ‘Professional Internship’ subject. It has taught me many new things and has shown me that you really don’t know what you want to do until you actually do it.

Throughout my internship, my supervisor was the core of my success. There were numerous emails, questions and concerns, all which we worked through together. There was never a time that I felt I couldn’t do something, or that I couldn’t ask a silly question. Interning at the Wise ASSC blog gave me confidence to ask, and share my opinions, and I now realise just how import this is in life.

I have learnt many new skills during my time at the blog, but I have also grown in confidence in the programs that I thought I knew. I got to use a range of applications, such as Mailchimp and WordPress, which I now feel very confident getting around.

I also used to think I was an Instagram ‘expert’, but working with the MyLaTrobe team has taught me that there are always new things to learn, and ideas to bring to the table– social media is crazy!

One of the most beneficial things for me personally after this experience is learning to work in a professional environment. It is the total opposite of sitting in a classroom and I have to say; I prefer it. There is such a variety of responsibilities and goals to reach, and working in a collaborative team makes the experience all that more enjoyable.

Something that I will take away from this experience is the power of connections. I’ve learnt that in this industry, it is way more important to know people and have those important connections than it is to be the best at your job.

If I had I had my time over again, I would have done two (even three) internships! The hands-on experience and skill-set that I have learnt from this experience is second-to-none.

My advice to anyone who is considering applying for an internship but isn’t sure they have the skills, or even the time, trust me when I say that the timing will work out and you are capable of way more then you initially think – go for it!

I am feeling all types of emotions about leaving La Trobe, and I can’t believe the time is finally here!

Over, and out!

– Paige.

If you want to check out possible internship opportunities as part of your degree, check out the ASSC Work Integrated Learning page.