Feel Good Festival – Health and Wellbeing Training and Sessions

This September, take some time to learn a bit about your mental health and how you can help others!

Anxiety Uncovered (Online)

Anxiety Uncovered is a 2.5-hour workshop that provides you with an understanding of what anxiety is, why we have it, and how it can present itself in our day-to-day lives. The workshop covers a collection of strategies to help ‘switch off the fight/flight/freeze response in our bodies, and different tools to be able to step back from our anxious or worried thoughts and be able to tolerate the experience of anxiety. By the end of the session, you will have a collection of tools and resources to be able to ground themselves and step back from anxious thoughts so that anxiety can have less control over their lives. You will be provided with a resource pack including audio tracks and worksheets.

Date: Tuesday 6 September
Location: Online

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Guided Meditation Session

Join Psychologist Chiara Dargin for a relaxing guided meditation session.

Mindfulness is the practice of gently focusing your awareness on the present moment over and over again. Mindfulness encompasses two key ingredients: awareness and acceptance. Awareness is the ability to focus attention on one’s inner processes and experiences, such as the experience of the present moment. Acceptance is the ability to observe and accept—rather than judge or avoid—those streams of thought.

Many studies have reported positive impacts of mindfulness on mental and physical health, including improvements in well-being, reducing anxiety, reducing depression, reactivity, improving sleep, reducing pain, and boosting calmness, relaxation, self-regulation and awareness.

The session will be 15 minutes in length and will include a guided exercise in breathing, scanning the body and tuning into our senses.

Date: Thursday 8 September

Locations: Online

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Mental Health Basics

Mental Health Basics is a four-hour workshop that provides you with the basics to recognise common mental health symptoms, respond to these concerns effectively, and know where to refer that individual for further support.

The workshop includes an understanding of mental health myths, prevalence, and stigma. The workshop covers understanding depressive symptoms, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal behavior, and self-harm.

Micro counseling skills are taught to help communicate empathy, and care and be able to support an individual on an emotional level. Finally, you’ll be provided with referral pathways and services that you can access.

Building 4 – Administration, AW-4-4211(Board Room)
Tuesday 20 September
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Business & Technology, Level 1; BUS-129
(Bus Boardroom 129)
Thursday 15 September
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OnlineTuesday 13 September
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Melbourne (Bundoora)
LIMS, Level 3; LIMS2-302
(LIMS2 Seminar Room)
Tuesday 8 September
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Shepparton Campus
Level 1, SHS-102
Monday 19 September
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