Fast-track your teaching career

Thinking about teaching?

Finishing up your Undergraduate degree in 2020, and thinking about a career in teaching?

We’re offering students going into their final year of undergraduate study a new fast-track pathway into our Master of Teaching (Primary) or Master of Teaching (Secondary).

This means you’ll be heading into your postgraduate course with some experience and credits in the bank. 

You can fast-track your teaching career in two easy steps.

Step 1: You take an advanced subject in your final year

If you have space in your timetable for an elective, you can enrol in either one, or both, of the following fully online Education subjects, worth 15 credit points each:

Once  you’ve completed these subjects and enrolled in the Master of Teaching, you’re just one step away from already achieving 30 credit points towards your Postgraduate qualification!

Step 2: Attend a short top-up workshop before commencing your Master of Teaching in 2021

The second step is to attend a half-day workshop for each subject, these will take place the week before this nationally accredited course commences in early 2021.  Each module will be charged at the up-front cost-price of $150 each.

This is an excellent opportunity to start pursuing a teaching career, as demand for teachers in Victoria is growing faster than any other state, with 115,000 additional students expected to enter the education system in the next five years.