Student Excellence Academy Inaugural Art Competition Winner

Have you heard of the La Trobe Student Excellence Academy?

The La Trobe Student Excellence Academy recognises and rewards diverse forms of excellence and inspires the next generation of leaders.

In April this year, the La Trobe Student Excellence Academy opened their very first artwork competition. The competition was open for students to submit all different kinds of artwork; audio, visual, written and more.We received submissions in all different formats, and had professional judges come together at the end of July to choose the winner.

The judges were:

  • Mark D’Angelo – Co Founder and Director of The Backlot Studios;
  • Simon Lawrie – Curator at McClelland Sculpture Park, and;
  • Alysha Middlin – our wonderful culture student board member.

In the end, they deemed the winning piece to be from the fabulous Claire Kearns, with the poem ‘I was’.

The La Trobe Student Excellence Academy is a program for students who are outstanding in a variety of areas, from academic achievement to sport. The Academy offers life changing support and enrichment opportunities for our students to help further their university experience and career prospects.

Students gain entry either by invite or application, and the La Trobe Student Excellence Academy cohort is made up of all different courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

There are two annual entry rounds, and the next intake will be at the start of Semester 1, 2022.

You could be invited through the following entry criteria:

  • Academic achievement (minimum WAM);
  • Elite Athletes;
  • Military Veterans;
  • Certain Scholarship recipients, and;
  • Emerging Leader Program graduates and CRA platinum achievement.

Please note that you still need to meet the 70% minimum WAM and 60 credit points.

If you are not invited, you can apply for next round at the start of 2022 if you have a WAM of at least 70% and have completed 60 credit points.

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