Enrol in Semester 2 subjects, allocate your timetable and see the list of face-to-face classes

Timetable Preference Entry mode is now open in Allocate+ for Semester 2, allowing you to choose your preferred classes.

Please note: Current COVID restrictions limit the availability of subjects we can accommodate on campus, however if restrictions ease during the semester we may be able to bring more classes onto campus. For this reason it is important that you only enroll in subjects that are offered on your particular campus of study.  Only those subjects designated as fully online will be available for students from any campus.

Before you can choose your preferences, make sure you’re enrolled for Sem 2

Need help enrolling for Sem 2? See our step-by-step guide for detailed instructions on how to enrol via StudentOnLine, or steps for enrolling in electives and troubleshoot any enrolment issues using the Can’t enrol in StudentOnLine guided assist.

Do you receive government benefits? You must update Services Australia (also known as Centrelink) of any changes to your study load as soon as possible. View our FAQ for more detailed info.

Choosing your preferences in Allocate+

You can log into Allocate+ any time between now and 4pm, Friday 19 June and choose your subject preferences. Preference Entry mode is not first in first served, meaning that you’ll have the same chance of being allocated into your preferred classes as anybody else.

Need help? Check out our Guide to Preference Entry mode for more detailed instructions and a step-by-step video on how Preference Entry mode works.

Delivery of Semester 2 subjects and reading the timetable in Allocate+

The University is managing the return to face-to-face activity at our campuses through a carefully planned COVID-Safe process that is strictly in line with expert advice and the Victorian Government.

At this stage, the majority of classes and activities for Semester 2 and the rest of the year will continue to be delivered remotely.

As the 2020 Timetable has already been scheduled, you may see that your classes and learning activities still reflect an on-campus location even though your subjects will be delivered remotely. We’ve decided to keep the original locations booked and visible in Allocate+ so we’re prepared in the event that additional on-campus activities may be allowed as we progress through the semester and we slowly return to campus.

However, there will be a limited number of essential classes that include some face-to-face activities in Semester 2, either on-campus or off-campus. At the moment, on-campus classes are limited to prescribed practical activities such as Laboratory work or classes involving the use of specific vital equipment. Off-campus face-to-face activities will include off-site excursions and placements. Some of these activities will be visible in Allocate+, but not all, so double-check your LMS subject pages closer to the beginning of Semester 2 for more detailed information.

To see the list of subjects that will have face-to-face activities for Semester 2, please visit the website.