Don’t miss your Course Essentials session

One of the keys to starting University successfully is attending Orientation and your Course Essentials welcome session is a really big part of the experience.

You can find the correct Course Essentials session for your course, at your campus, using the all-important Orientation Planner.

What happens at your Course Essentials session?

When you attend your online Course Essentials session, you’ll meet your all the important people connected to your degree: course advisers, coordinators, teaching staff and (perhaps most importantly) the other students in your course.

You’ll get a basic introduction to your course and some essential information that will help you navigate the first few weeks at Uni.

Visiting the campus and meeting fellow students and staff will give you an edge when you start Uni.

Importantly, staff will go over what your role is as a student and tips to help you succeed, and set you up for success in your first year.

This is also an opportunity to ask lots of questions! (Like, actually ask them. Don’t worry about sounding/looking silly – everyone will want to hear the answer. And since we’re online, you can just throw the question in the comments window instead of putting up your hand in front of everyone.)

You’ll get an overview of the University online systems that you will access as a student and information on how to use the library.

You’ll find out on where to turn for the right advice while studying.

Head over to the Orientation Planner now and find out when/how your Course Essentials session is taking place.

Meeting your new classmates will improve your chances of success at Uni.