Countdown To Graduation: The last hurrah

We are so so close to finishing! Everything is wrapping up, assignments are coming at us from all directions and the dreaded exam period is looming!

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But the time for celebration is so close! That countdown to graduation is getting smaller and smaller and we should all be so proud of the work we’ve done!

Managing the transition to online learning and graduating your course during a global pandemic is definitely something that you should be patting yourself on the back about.

As we look to the future, now is a good time to reflect on our University lives: the high times (like laughing with friends over fear of leaving assignments way too late) and the low times (realizing you actually have left your assignment way too late and staying up until 3.00am to finish it)!

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Looking back at these fond memories, there might be moments where you wish you could travel back in time, give past you a slap and tell them what to do! While we might not be able to do that (yet), what we can do is give some advice to future or current students on what they should do during their Uni journeys!

While I’m no picture-perfect student, the best piece of advice I would give to students is to make the most of your university adventure! Take every opportunity you can with open arms and do it all. Before you know it, university life will be over so be sure to cherish every part of it!

Because I’m not the only one wrapping up my degree, I took to the MyLaTrobe Instagram and asked other graduating students what advice they would give. Here are their wise words:

  • @dani.eric: A semester is a marathon, not a sprint: consistently write quality notes each week. It’ll save you!
  • @steph.hagler7: Try not to lose motivation in Week 11. It’s very easy to start missing classes but don’t do it! Doing the bare minimum is better than doing nothing at all.
  • @roberto.sammassimo16: Always read through assignments when you first get them and organise your time
  • @kiaraa_1011: 1) Take a proactive role in your learning. 2) Be resilient and ask Q’s a lot
  • @tyso.cicc: Print out the weekly slides before class each week and write notes next to them.
  • @Sajeeda.rahuman: Get involved with the Career Ready Team. They have so much to offer. Make use of every opportunity.
  • @caitlyn.wood_: Enjoy every moment, get involved and don’t put too much pressure on yourself 🙂
  • @rrover08: Never give up
  • @jessicapresnell_: Take advantage of opportunities when they arise. They will be the best decisions you ever make.
  • @heman_chowdhary: Study well but remember to make the most of clubs on campus. Join one and have fun!
  • @zylevillegas: Always reward yourself for the little accomplishments
  • @Kowshikbhavaraju: Don’t leave everything until last minute
  • @_lauradelorenzo: Find a really good support network in the first few weeks; they will help you through!
  • @arischmari: Remember why you’re studying this course and connect with the community throughout.

Some amazing advice for students and lots of information I wish I’d taken on board when I first started.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and writing these articles has been an absolute pleasure. I hope that you readers have enjoyed the journey too and a big thank you to all those taking part in it with me!

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I wish everyone good luck with their future careers or study and may life take you right where you need to be!