Continued support for flood-impacted students

As our state continues to feel the effects of the flooding that started in October, we want to remind you of the support that is available.  

While you may not need support now, we want to assure you that when you do, we are here to help you.  

Special Consideration  

As we previously advised you, we have streamlined the application process for special consideration for flood-affected students. You won’t need to provide supporting documentation if your registered address is within a known flood-affected area. If you were temporarily located within a flood area, please apply and our staff will clarify if you need to provide any more information. 


We understand that some placements are being impacted by flooding in various communities across the state. Additional support is available to students whose placements are impacted. If your placement is affected by the floods, please contact your Placement Officer and the relevant subject coordinator.  

Wellbeing support 

As always, free and confidential support services are available from our Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion team. From counselling to support to access emergency accommodation, the team is ready to help. Please reach out to for support. 

Food relief  

Our Financial Counselling team can provide food vouchers to students in need. To access food vouchers, please contact  

Foodbank Victoria’s website provides information about food, groceries and meals in your local community.  

Additionally, the following food relief support is available: 

Campus support  

Tailored support is being coordinated at our regional campuses. If circumstances progress in any of the communities surrounding our campuses, we may be in touch again to provide you with more detailed information, based on your campus.  

The Mildura Flood Relief Bursary is currently open, and we will assess applications in frequent rounds until applications close. This Bursary will support students who have incurred financial impact from flooding, such as property damage, relocation costs, or other emergency expenses. 

Government support 

The Victorian Government has coordinated information to assist in the recovery of the floods, including a Flood Recovery Hotline and financial support. This Hotline can provide you with a range of information, including:  

  • Clean-up services  
  • Financial, mental health and other support 
  • Somewhere to stay 

Additionally, The Australian Government has established the Victorian Floods, October 2022 – Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment, you have until 5 May 2023 to apply for a one-off payment of $1000 if eligible. 

If at any stage you require support, you can always contact our ASK La Trobe team for assistance.