Our how-to guide for winning a Career Ready Advantage award and impressing your future employer

Are you in the running for a Career Ready Advantage Award?

This highly valued prize is available to all La Trobe students, and even appears on your official academic transcript so employers take note!

The best part is, you’re probably already meeting the criteria!

All you’ve got to do is enrol in the Career Ready subject on the LMS to get started.

To give you an idea about what’s involved, we’ve created a checklist of activities you need to complete to receive a silver Career Ready Advantage Award. Every week, we’ll even give you some pointers on how to check off one of these employment-related tasks.

Complete four La Trobe professional learning activities or LinkedIn Learning courses – you’re all 50% there already!

Did you know that La Trobe students get access to the online platform LinkedIn Learning? It’s home to loads of video tutorials, how-to’s and presentations from industry leaders.

They’ll teach you everything from coding and photo-shopping the perfect Insta-worthy collage through to building your emotional intelligence and learning how to create a personal brand!

And the best part? It’s all FREE – because you’re a La Trobe student. And you can watch videos from the comfort of your own couch. It’s all online.

Need a little inspiration? Check out this quick snapshot of tutorials that are trending.

To reach silver, you have to complete four professional courses. Two of them are compulsory through the LMS, so you’ll only have to watch two LinkedIn Learning tutorials to qualify for a silver Career Ready Advantage Award. All LinkedIn Learning courses give you a certificate of completion, which you’ll need to add to your Award application.

Here are your options to reach silver:

  • AIM Academic Integrity Module (compulsory – tick!)
  • Wominjeka Indigenous Cultural Literacy for Higher Education (compulsory – tick!)
  • LinkedIn Learning courses – access them through Lynda.com here.
  • Attend a careers workshop, event or expo – they happen every week, find one on the careers events page.

Complete 2 practical experience activities

Tick just two of these practical activities off and you’re on your way to silver:

Build a career portfolio

Complete the three tasks below to finalise your silver Career Ready Advantage Award – you’ll need to do these things to land a job anyway, so why not be rewarded for it and learn how to get it right?