Code Red fire danger warning for Mallee & Northern Country regions tomorrow

Code Red fire danger warning for Mallee & Northern Country regions tomorrow

This afternoon emergency services announced that a Code Red (the highest bushfire warning level) has been declared tomorrow (Thursday 21 November) for the Mallee region, which includes Mildura, and the Northern Country region (which includes Bendigo and Shepparton).

The Fire Danger rating for each region is updated regularly depending on the current and forecast conditions. Victoria Fire Danger ratings | NSW Fire Danger ratings

For students who live, work or study in those regions, please avoid high risk bushfire areas and be aware of your personal safety. Please ensure you continue to monitor your surrounding conditions and are prepared to act on any further updates or instructions issued by emergency services or the University.

During current or anticipated bushfire activity, alerts will be issued by emergency services according to the Fire Danger rating, forecast using data from the Bureau of Meteorology. These ratings range in increasing severity from Low-Moderate; High; Very High; Severe; Extreme; to the highest level: Code Red (in Victoria) / Catastrophic (in NSW and other states).

For further information on how to stay safe during bushfire season and to learn which fire district you are located in, visit (Victoria) and (New South Wales).

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