How to gain international study or work experience in 2020

Overseas travel isn’t viable right now. So is it still possible to gain international study or work experience? For La Trobe students, the answer to that question might surprise you.

La Trobe has an extensive, world-spanning network of partner organisations, many of which are offering virtual study or work experiences to students.

Being able to study Business or International Relations and learn about culture in Italy, interning at an Engineering firm in Spain or working with an international NGO such as Oxfam are all possibilities in the world of virtual programs.

Why you might want to consider virtual international opportunities?

  • Best way to gain exposure to a globalised world, while restricted to the comfort of your own home and country
  • Gain practical, hands on knowledge about what the culture is like in other countries, whether that be while studying or working
  • Receive a La Trobe Abroad Mobility Grant and credit towards your degree!
  • Make international friends and connections that you might end up visiting one day when we are allowed
  • Enhance your familiarity with online communication tools, something valuable in today’s workplace
  • You never know where the end of such an opportunity is, maybe you want to do further study or work in that country one day

Some examples:

Study with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy. You could join courses such as Green Management & Sustainability or Business, Government and the Global Economy.
Italian may be the language of beauty, but English is the global language of business. That’s why Cattolica has introduced a variety of courses and degree programs, which are taught entirely in English.

Through ISEP, you could intern at an organisation such Oxfam International, working on a Climate Change project involving developing communication and change strategies.

With CISaustralia there are amazing opportunities to intern in South Africa. You could gain experience in the film industry, local journalism and communications or in law with exposure to refugee rights and social justice.

La Trobe Abroad strives to deliver international experiences for all students.
Although we’re all stuck in various degrees of lockdown and isolation, giving up on international experiences in 2020 doesn’t have to be the only option.

If you are interested in a virtual international experience and want to learn more about the academic credit and mobility grants available, visit our La Trobe Abroad short programs web page, email us at or join us:

Overseas Short Program (OSP) information session

When: Thursday 10 September at 2pm.

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