Buy Nothing New Month in October

Written by Paige Voss and originally published on the Wise ASSC Blog.

If we were all painfully honest with ourselves, we could admit that we don’t necessarily NEED each and everything that we purchase.

For some, it’s a habit, and for others it’s an essential part of living. But have you ever stopped to consider where our ‘stuff’ comes from and where it goes when we’re done using it?

It is not uncommon that we see our stuff rejected for the next best thing. The sad truth is most of our stuff ends up in landfill, contaminating and effecting our environment. Not to mention, the copious amount of resources it takes to churn out hundreds of thousands of every product.

‘Buy Nothing New Month’ is another sustainability initiative that La Trobe encourages you to be apart of.

This global movement advocates for the collective, conscientious consumption during the month of October.

This challenge isn’t about going an entire month without buying essentials, we still need things like food, medicine and hygiene products- obviously.

The initiative emphasises the need to cut back on the stuff we don’t really need and seek an alternative to buying everything brand new- new isn’t always the best!

There are many ways to utilise the assets you already have, click here for a range of different ideas on how to reduce your wasteful consumption for the month.

Some quick easy tips to help kick-start your buy-nothing month:

  • Hit up your local second hand shop
  • Recycling
  • Free-cycling- giving away rather than throwing away unwanted items
  • Clothes swap with friends
  • Seek renting alternatives

Remember, every little bit helps. So, if you think you’re up for the challenge pledge to make a small change this October.