Beware: Email scam targeting students

With the increasing use of desk-based video conference meetings, online teaching and the use collaboration technologies across all areas of the University there has been a significant increase in hackers taking the opportunity to steal personal credentials, usernames and passwords.

They are creating convincingly crafted emails that look like meeting requests for either Zoom, MS Teams or Webex. On clicking the link, it takes you into what looks like a meeting space BUT asks for your username and password.

There should be very few circumstances when you are required to do this. If you are asked, it is recommended that you contact the meeting organiser and confirm that they are initiating the meeting. IF IN DOUBT DON’T ENTER YOUR CREDENTIALS.

Reports indicate as many as 50,000 users have been subjected to this attack. The cybercriminals use sophisticated tools that are designed to persuade recipients that they are coming from an official source.

As always, be very careful about making sure the email comes from a genuine source and be very suspicious of links that direct you to a login page. If you believe it’s suspicious please report it to