Bendigo / Clubs go toe-to-toe during isolation for the BSA Walk Off challenge

Have you managed to keep moving in iso?

Our friends at the BSA suspect students might be doing a lot less physical activity now there are no on-campus classes to move between.

And lets face it, the walk to the kitchen for a coffee is not quite the same as the walk to Sweeney’s (omg, we miss Sweeney’s so much).

To get everyone on their feet again the BSA are challenging its clubs and societies to a steps challenge! 

Using the Move Spring app, clubs can compete for bragging rights, and some pretty sweet prizes all while getting reconnected as a team! Encourage each other with in-group messaging to stay on track and become the best walkers on campus. 

Over the next three weeks, the BSA will be tracking your steps and giving you tips on staying active in iso.

And for those worried their team might hold them back, there’s also some great prizes for individuals who are: best off the block; most improved; wearing the funniest walking outfit, and more! If you belong to one of our clubs and want to get involved, chat to your Clubs exec team.

Wildcard groups will be available as well. If you would like to join a wildcard group without a club please get in contact with the BSA team at!

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