Bendigo Bank ATM to close at the Melbourne Campus

As we continue to shift into the digital age and with the popularity of tap and pay services, less customers are reliant on cash, resulting in many banks choosing to close ATMs. The COVID-19 pandemic has further encouraged a cashless society, with many businesses around the globe preferring contactless payments.

As a result of the changing nature of cash and the diminishing use of ATMs, the Bendigo Bank ATM at the Melbourne Campus, located on Level 2 of Agora West, will be closing down and removed from campus by the end of the year.

Other cash withdrawal providers located on campus include:

  • Westpac ATM (Shop 13, Level 1, Agora West): No withdrawal fee for other Australian bank cards.
  • Australia Post (Shop 5, Level 1, Agora East): Deposit cash and cheques, withdraw money and make balance enquiries for free with participating banks and financial institutions. Visit the Bank@Post website for further details.
  • IGA Xpress (Shop 1, Level 1, Agora East – opening during Semester 1, 2021): Customers will be able to withdraw up to $100 cash over the counter with no fees (minimum spend $5).