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Do you love to write?

Maybe you take great photos?

Are you skilled at making videos?

Do you know your way around Instagram?

We’re looking for more great student content in 2020! And we want to publish YOUR content.

There are so many great stories within La Trobe, as well as exciting student experiences happening every week. We want to share them with La Trobe’s student community.

You can make a one-off submission or submit frequently – entirely up to you!

The content we’re after

We’re on the hunt for content for our website/blog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

Content can take just about any form, including:

  • Shorter videos for Facebook/YouTube
  • Longer videos for YouTube
  • IGTV (portrait style) videos
  • Instagram Stories
  • Written blog posts for the website
  • Listicles
  • Written student profiles
  • Clubs and societies profiles and experiences (video, photo or written)
  • Photography
  • Podcasts
  • Voxpops

What’s in it for you?

You could have your work published on MyLaTrobe’s blog, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channels.

Share your story, your friend’s story or whatever you’re passionate about with the wider La Trobe community!

We’ll credit you for your work and we’re happy to give your social media accounts a plug too, so you can be #famous.

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Examples of student content we love

Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories to get a feel for the style of content we share. We’ve also included a few great pieces of content made by students last year to kick-start the inspiration.