Become a member of the Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research

The Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research (ACUR) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and support of undergraduate research.

Here are six reasons why you should become a student member of ACUR.

1. Be part of a vibrant student community

Join a rich cohort of diverse students from across Australasia who are passionate about research.

2. Experience their annual conference

ACUR hosts an annual conference, the Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research, giving students a chance to experience communicating their work in a professional and academic setting.

3. Gain research experience

ACUR’s programs, including the writing and photography competitions, allow you to think critically about problems in your field.

4. Step up with leadership and personal development opportunities

Join the Student Committee to contribute to the governance and growth of ACUR. This allows students to gain skills managing a not-for-profit organisation.

5. Access support and publishing opportunties

Get support submitting your work to undergraduate research journals. ACUR maintains strong relationships with several journals and can help guide you through the publication process.

6. Make new connections via institutional networking

Access ACUR’s extensive connections with tertiary institutions and private organisations.

How to join ACUR

Annual student membership fees for ACUR are $10. Find out more and join here.