ASSC College Peer Mentoring: get connected for success

Wise ASSC blog intern, Kelsey, shares tips for getting connected for success at university through her experience as a Peer Mentor.

Managing university studies can be daunting, but getting connected is a great way to set you up for success!

When you start university, you may have a few questions about subjects, studying, assignments and a ton of other topics. Or maybe you’ve been at uni for a while and you want more information about online learning. Where can you go and who can you ask about these areas? Let me introduce you to Peer Mentoring, the fantastic program that can help you get your questions answered and get settled into university life!

The Peer Mentor Program allows new students to be connected with current, more experienced students in a similar area of study. The aim of the program is to help new students get a great start to uni life, as well as build a community that promotes support in study and general uni life. If you’re a new student, you can get in touch with your relevant college to be connected with a peer mentor. If you’re an existing student and think you have some spare time to connect with and support new students, consider becoming a Peer Mentor!

If you are unsure about whether you’d like an individual Peer Mentor, there are group Peer Mentor Meetups that you can be a part of instead! This is where Peer Mentors run a zoom session that students can join, and answer any questions new or current students may have about university. In the ASSC College, these meetups are open to any students, new or experienced! Sessions are run for both Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) students!

As someone who has participated in the Peer Mentor Meetups as a Mentor, these sessions are great if you want any formal or informal information about uni life. Topics we have covered in meetups range from study related to general uni life areas. Study topics included how to reference, accessing Peer Learning Advisers, using the online library for research, sourcing internships and finding placement subjects, and other things relating to online and in-person learning. General uni life topics such as the clubs and societies available at La Trobe, balancing uni and work, and more have also been discussed in these meetups!

These sessions are casual, so we encourage you to come along and have a chat! Even if you don’t think you have any questions, sometimes it’s nice to talk to people and learn about their experiences at university so far. You could end up learning about a subject or opportunity that is perfect for you that you may not have known about.

In the ASSC College, Peer Mentor Meetups will be happening in week 4 and week 7; you can find a session for your particular study area, and relevant times and dates. Make sure to register if you’re interested in attending to get all the Zoom details!

Check it out, and hopefully I’ll see you in a meetup soon!