Allocation Adjustment mode for Summer subjects is opening soon!

Allocation Adjustment mode for the Summer teaching period will open in Allocate+ at 10:30 am on Monday 10 October 2022.

During Allocation Adjustment Mode (also known as first-in, first-served mode) you can:

  • check that you have been allocated to a class for all the activities you’re enrolled in and fix any problems
  • allocate to classes if you have not already been allocated to them
  • change classes if there are places available
  • add yourself to a waitlist for a full class.

Unlike Preference Entry Mode, Allocation Adjustment is first-in, first-served, so your best chance to reallocate to a preferred time is to log in as soon as your class times open. To manage the significant load on the system, opening times are staggered by School.

Check the Guide to Allocation Adjustment Mode for more information on how to allocate yourself to classes.