Albury-Wodonga / Local pharmacist shows students real-life applications of science prac

Learning something in a University laboratory is one thing, but could you put it into practice in the outside world?

Chemistry students at Albury-Wodonga last month got a crash course in how to do just that, when the head of local business Border Compounding Pharmacy stopped by to explain the real-world applications of one their latest prac.

The company’s owner, Ben Eshelby, joined the first-year chemistry subject to coach students in the making of a “buffer”, a solution that can help to maintain the pH level of a medicinal product.

He says it’s great that Universities today are making sure students are career ready before graduation.

“This (prac) links basic chemistry to the real-world,” he says.

“All of our pracs from when I was at uni, 20 years later and I still don’t know why we did them,” he says.

Back when he finished his Pharmacy degree, Ben says he presumed he’d have to work in a shop environment.

“But if you’ve got the basic knowledge about how to put together a product, you can work in industry, in regulatory affairs,” he explains.

See some pictures from the class below: