Ahead of this month’s info sessions for regional students, let Sidney tell you why you should Study Abroad

If you’re like us, you love coming to study at your La Trobe campus. But have you thought about a short-term change of scenery next year?

You can continue working towards your degree while going on a semester exchange or short program to one of our 150 university partners across the globe. You can even apply for scholarships to pay your way!

Information sessions 

Come to the meeting room allocated for your campus from 12.00pm on Thursday 28 November and join in a videoconference with Exchange Coordinator Shiri Synan.

  • Bendigo: ED-226
  • Shepparton: SHS102
  • Mildura: BGR135
  • Albury-Wodonga: AW4211

Sidney’s story

We recently caught up with Albury-Wodonga Bachelor of Arts student Sidney about going on exchange to India via The New Columbo Plan Scholarship – an experience that would end up seeing her work in a Cambodian think tank as well.

“Originally, I was only going to study in India for 6 months, but it was so flexible, they encourage you to extend, travel and do internships, so 6 months quickly turned into 14 months.

“I actually applied to go to Japan, but after experiencing India I would choose it again and again!

“It was overwhelming – just not understanding how anything worked. To me there was no method to the madness but there was, it just takes a bit of time to work it out.

“The girls at Lady Shi Ram College for Women, in Delhi where I was studying helped a lot, I ended up living with them just ten minutes from Campus.  

“The thing that stood out to me the most was the feminist culture on campus – it is unmatched by anything else and they were so friendly!

“I wanted to maximise my time outside of the classroom. Honestly, that’s the most valuable lessons that happens while travelling, so I ended up doing 6 subjects in total and they all got credited back at La Trobe which was actually a very easy experience. The La Trobe Abroad team are amazing, they really understand the difficulties and help wherever they can.

“The best thing about The New Colombo Plan Scholarship is the flexibility, they don’t control where you live, how you spend the money, they just give you this amount and let you go.

“In India money goes a long way – I was actually saving while travelling, having weekends away, always eating out and the transport system is really good and affordable, which helps.

“Seeing as I was loving my time in India, I wanted to extend as long as possible so I decided to look into the New Colombo Plan platform for internships. I found a listing in Cambodia and jumped at the chance.

“I ended up at a Think-Tank called the Cambodia Development Resource Institute, looking at education policy, leading a research project looking into innovation ecosystems in Cambodia. It’s  ongoing and I am currently in the editing phase via email.

“That was also an incredible experience, and a great comparative of different cultures.

“If you even have the slightest interest in travelling overseas, I say, ‘Just do it!’

“It seems daunting from here but when you’re there, the people are so friendly, they will help you out, my motto -Work it out once you’re there!”