Advocacy for students – Here to help.

There might be times over the course of your studies when things don’t exactly go to plan.  The LTSA Student Advocacy service can give you the support you need. 

What do advocates do? 

We offer professional support and guidance for students who have academic, administrative or welfare issues. 

Is the Advocacy Service free? 

Or service is free, confidential, and independent from the University. 

When types of things do advocates help with? 

We see students for all sorts of things including Special Consideration; Placement issues, Results; Progress issues; Academic Misconduct allegations; problems with a lecturer and help with appeals. 

I have been accused of plagiarism and now I have hearing coming up.  What should I do? 

Make an appointment to speak to an advocate. We will go over the allegation with you, attend the hearing as your support person and explain the outcome. If needed, we will take you through the appeals process. 

I had a really hard time last semester and failed a subject. How can I get a refund? 

 Make an appointment to speak to an advocate. We will take you through the Remission of Debt process, help you draft your personal statement and let you know what supporting documentation you can use.  

I want to review my exam result.  

Make an appointment to speak to an advocate. Review and re-mark of a result is a very specific process. We will help you through it.   

I’m not coping very well this semester. What can I do? 

Make an appointment to speak to an advocate. As well as advising you on Special Consideration, we can link you to the Financial Counsellor, the Legal Service and any LTU support services you might need.  We will find the right person to help you. 

How can I speak to an advocate? 

Phone, email or come in to make an appointment. Click on the link below for our details.