A statement on racism from the Vice-Chancellor

Examples of racism and inequality have been reported widely in the media in recent weeks, highlighting the fact that First Nations people continue to experience discrimination and prejudice. For Indigenous Australians, discrimination results in disparities in areas such as life expectancy, educational achievement and economic opportunity when compared to non-Indigenous people.

On behalf of the University community, I affirm our support and respect for Indigenous students and staff at La Trobe. We are a diverse and inclusive community that values and supports everyone to reach their full potential.

We will not tolerate unacceptable behaviours or attitudes. Our community abhors racism in any form, and is committed to playing a leadership role for the community by addressing inequity and speaking out against racism whenever we see it.

If you are the victim of or witness unacceptable or concerning behaviour, contact the University’s Speak Up service to seek advice, support and referrals.