A Day In The Life: Every student’s curse

Written by Paige Voss and originally published on the Wise ASSC blog.

No matter if you’re like me and in your final weeks of university, or you’re about to complete your first year of studies, we have a lot in common.

Now, this common ground between, well, lets face it – EVERY student, ever, is not necessarily the greatest common ground to stand on.

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and your classmate next to you in the exam? They’ve done it too.

We are all guilty of leaving exam study and final assessment planning until the very last minute. You can pretty much think of it as the inevitable curse you get when you enter university – no biggy.

Sometimes, we turn to any saying possible to reassure ourselves that procrastinating is fine (instead of kicking it to the curb).

“If today’s not the due date, today’s not the do date.”

“Diamonds are made under pressure.”

“I’ll start tomorrow.”

I’ve heard it all, and I’ve said it all. Although some people do work better with a tight deadline, there are more reasons as to why it is more beneficial to start early.

Here are some reasons WHY it is best to get started early:

  • your work will be more planned
  • you’re less likely to miss any important parts
  • you’re sure to get a better mark
  • you’ll have more time to balance life during the study period
  • you’ll give yourself more time to double-check
  • you’ll be less stressed
  • oh, I reiterate less stressed!

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So get out your calendar and make a plan. No matter if it’s a major assignment or a big 60% exam, it’s better late than never and I can assure you that you will thank yourself for it later.

P.S. Here’s a link to the Exam timetable, just in case you’ve misplaced it!