A Day In The Life: 4 ways to stay motivated this semester

In this post, ASSC College’s intern, Paige, introduces us to the third instalment of her series: A day in the life… This series will look at what the reality of life at university is like.

It’s that time of year, it’s cold, you’re tired and the University break seemed to have flown by. After a well deserved break, hopefully you’ve had some time to think about the upcoming semester. If you’re anything like me, sometimes, it’s hard to keep your motivation going and your overall morale begins to slide. University is a marathon, not a sprint, so it is inevitable that you encounter some hurdles along the way. It is important to recognise them and work towards overcoming those struggles.

Below are some ways to keep motivated to ensure that you make it through the next semester struggle-free.

1. Space it out

Your mind is like a computer. If you overload it or leave it running for too long, it can opt out. When you overload your life with all things uni, you’ll find yourself turning into a robot, and eventually you’re going to crash. Allow yourself to find time to enjoy the things that you love and focus on other things. Balance is so important, and without it you’ll find yourself in a world of stress- this is not a good place and I wouldn’t recommend it. Map out the time you want to spend doing uni work and the times you don’t.

2. Surround yourself with support

I can’t express this enough. Everyone else is going through the same thing. There is no way that you are the only person in the class struggling with that assignment, the only one who doesn’t understand the hard content or the only one who has simply had enough. Use your classmates to lean on, and let them lean on you. Two minds are always better than one, form a study group or ask your friend that question you were too afraid to ask in class. Work together to get it done, from the wise words of High School Musical- we’re all in this together!

3. Seek help if you need it

I think this is something that you have to learn. Sometimes asking, and even admitting that you need some help can be hard. Trust me, I can honestly say that I have benefited so much more from emailing my teacher to organise a meeting or even asking a simple question in class than I have just going at it alone. The lectures and subject coordinators at La Trobe are always friendly and welcoming, there are no stupid questions and there is always someone to help you out. I promise, you’ll only continue to fall behind if you don’t reach out.

4. Find something to work towards

This is the ultimate goal. When all else fails you need to reward yourself at the end for all of your hard work. This may be something as simple as getting some more free time for hobbies and social events, or it may be something more liberating such as a holiday or treating yourself to a new phone. For me, what is getting me through my final semester is how close I am to finishing, 12 weeks in the wider scope of things is nothing and I’m so excited to see what is in store for me next!

Remember, we’re half way there- bring on semester two!

This story was originally published on the Wise ASSC blog.

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