5 tutorials on LinkedIn Learning that will beef up your resume

Build your technical skills to beef up your resume with online tutorials by LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning is FREE for all La Trobe students and graduates (alumni) Watch tutorials on your phone, tablet or laptop and create playlists to watch or listen to on-the-go.

You might want to improve your time management abilities or build upon your knack for public speaking. Or, perhaps you’re keen to brush up on your photography skills for your side-hustle.

Master everything from the fundamentals of Excel through to the art of film-making with more than 1,200 online courses at your fingertips.

Here’s a taste of the courses currently trending:

1. Excel 2016 essential training

Spreadsheets, they might sound boring, but chances are you’ll have to know how to use them in the workplace. Get the fundamentals down pat now so when your employer eventually asks if you can use Excel, you can confidently say ‘yes’.

2. Time management tips weekly

Learn tips for managing study, tips for managing work and tips for managing study AND work. Kick procrastinating to the curb and learn how to be the most productive person in your friendship group.

3. Photoshop CC 2019 one-on-one fundamentals

How do those Instagram influencers do it?! Go one-on-one with a world-renowned photoshop pro and learn everything from how to crop a photo through to developing a creative masterpiece.

4. Online marketing foundations

No matter your profession, understanding the basics of digital marketing will 100% help you get ahead. From undertstanding the power of the influencer to getting your own online presence right, this short course will clue you in to the online world.

5. Developing your emotional intelligence

It’s a skill employers are increasingly asking about, plus it’ll definitely help you in your personal life too. Find out what emotional intelligence is and why it’s important.

Build your skill-set with thousands of free online tutorials.