5 free online careers services that will give you the edge

Finding and then landing an internship and then a job can be challenging, that’s why we have heaps of free online career services at La Trobe to help you land that elusive job during and after study.

1.Employer Connect

It’s like Tinder for employers and job candidates – minus the swiping.

Are you looking for an internship or a graduate role? Employer Connect is the perfect place to start the search for graduate jobs and internships. You can connect with employers hiring graduates in Australia and around the world and search for jobs by location and discipline area.

2. CareerHub

Need to stop living off the rents or tired of doing the late weekend shift at Maccas? CareerHub has heaps of part-time opportunities while you study.

Looking for a part-time job, casual role, to do some volunteering or to complete an internship? CareerHub is La Trobe’s website to search for all of these opportunities, so go take a look today.

3.Big Interview

You don’t want to be the person in the interview who says; “My biggest weakness is that I work too hard.”

The Big Interview is designed to help you practice interview skills, so you can avoid excruciatingly cringe-worthy situations and land the job you want.

4.Career Ready Advantage

Want to be the GOAT in your future career – start by getting all of the outside of classroom skills you’ll need for the workplace.

Our Career Ready Advantage program will help you become an all rounder as you work towards the Career Ready Advantage Award.

5.LinkedIn Learning

When you’re out in the big world of work skills like being an Excel wizard, putting together a good deck or editing images on the fly are worshipped by managers and tech-challenged colleagues far and wide.

LinkedIn Learning (powered by Lynda.com) can make you the grand wizard of all things technical with thousands of online tutorial videos. It also has an array of soft skills videos and tips on topics like preparing what to say when you first meet an employer.