4 things you need to know about Census Date

4 things you need to know about Census Date

1.You can swap or drop subjects until 31 August without paying for it

You’re a few weeks in and you’re not feeling a subject that you had doubts about when you enrolled? You can change it. In most circumstances you can change your subjects without penalty before Census Date on 31 August. Swapping or dropping a subject is definitely a better option than struggling with and stressing about for the rest of the Semester and still having to pay for it.

Find out how to change your subjects/enrolment here.

The question is – is this subject sparking joy?


2. You can take leave without cost

There are heaps of reasons why you may need to take some time of your studies and it’s a great option if you need some time to deal with personal issues, address your finances or you simply need a break for self-care.

You can take up to 12 months leave of absence from your course, and if you do so before Census Date on 31 August, you won’t be liable for the Semester’s fees. Speak with your school or College before you apply to discuss the possible impact to your study plan. You can get all of the information you need here.


3. If you don’t make changes before Census Date you’ll be responsible for your fees and your grades afterwards

If you’re considering making any of the above changes you should really do it before Census Date on 31 August, after that you’ll have to pay all of the fees and you will be accountable academically, your subject results will appear in your final transcript if you fail.

So it’s advised that if you’re seriously considering making a change to your enrolment – that you do it before 31 August.


4. Support and advice is available for you

Every Uni student ever, has had second thoughts at some point, because there are so many things that play on your mind while you’re studying, from your personal life, to your studies, to the odd existential career crisis.

We have support people available to assist with all of these issues when they occur; our Student Wellbeing team can provide advice if you’re struggling personally in any way, course and subject coordinators and the Learning Hub can assist you with your studies and our Career Ready team can assist with any careers questions that you have.


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