10 stress-less tips from the legends at our Albury-Wodonga Campus

A mass calm has descended over Albury-Wodonga after Stress Less Day last week.

There was a petting zoo, free food, lawn games and even a mindfulness maze.

Lots of you stopped by the Wodonga Student Association stand to record your thoughts about how to unwind when Uni gets tough. We’ve compiled your answers to provide other students with some productive alternatives to tearing their hair out.

1. Coffee (or something a little stronger) with friends

Sometimes life’s problems can be solved by caffeine and a chat. Or a beer and a chat. Whatever works for you. So pick up that phone and organise to meet your mate at the local café – or pub!

2. Watch a movie, or a full TV series, on Netflix

What do you mean you’ve never seen Inception?! Better leave behind exam-land for a couple of hours to fill the gaps in your pop culture knowledge. And while you’re there, make sure you’re up-to-date with Grace and Frankie too.

3. Take a nap!

When you look at the textbook and feel your body/mind yelling, “Nooooooooo!”, then maybe you should get some shut-eye instead. You’ll be better-prepared to tackle study on the other side of sleep.

4. Going to the gym

Whether you fancy yourself as swole, or just want to get our some frustration, few things pack as hefty a wellness punch as a quick trip to your local gym. And as you’ve no doubt have seen, there’s a gym on every other corner these days.

5. Playing guitar, singing or listening to music

There must be some musos on the Albury-Wodonga campus because we spotted a lot of music-related stress advice. Hum, strum or hit play on your favourite song(s) for a melodic way to unwind.

6. Online shopping

So, this one isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve got a few spare bucks after buying your month’s worth of Mie Goreng, then maybe you can look online for a bargain! No coin this month? You can always try virtual window shopping.

7. Take the dog for a leisurely stroll

Dogs are the best thing ever invented. It’s factually proven. Just try taking Fido for a five-minute walk. It’ll soon turn into an hour-long game of fetch.

8. Yoga

We here at MyLaTrobe don’t know our downward dogs from our lotus positions. But we know some of our more limber readers are keen for yoga. Bend and stretch your way to a better mindset – and there’s classes offered at several of our campuses too!

9. Gardening

Green thumbs have never been so cool. Plant a veggie patch, mow the lawn or hose down your favourite tree. Getting outdoors and getting your hands dirty will sure distract from the Uni blues.

10. Eating healthy – or not

Start your day right with a hearty breakfast. End your day right with a piece of chocolate.