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Amanda King, former La Trobe Uni studentAmanda King

Bachelor of Accounting

Being able to study at a regional campus has been of great value to my professional and career development. Becoming a mum at a very young age made university study no more than a dream that seemed out of reach. Having the opportunity to commence my studies as a mature age student who had parental responsibilities and complete my course part time whilst working, has made a big difference to my career and the opportunities available to me. Enrolling and studying at a city university was not an option for me.

Studying whilst working and managing a family has been challenging at times but an excellent life and learning experience and well worth all the effort. In fact my current employment position would not have been achievable without being 'almost' qualified!

The other option these days is to complete studies online but this can be a very lonely road and takes a lot of self-discipline. I have found the experience of attending on campus lectures and tutorials of great value and the lecturers have been very supportive all the way through my course. Being a regional campus the class sizes are much smaller and the interaction between students and lecturers has been one of the greatest benefits. The class room discussions have been valuable learning and being 'mature age' I have enjoyed hearing the views of the younger students.

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