What our students say

Steven - Accounting

My whole experience studying accounting has been nothing but positive.

Kirbi - Visual Arts

Studying visual arts, we've met a world-famous photographer one week and an Australian curator the next.

Dennis - Alumnus

Being able to get together with like-minded people and talk about becoming teachers was outstanding.

Chloe - Visual Arts

Talking to the visual arts lecturers and hearing their stories makes you realise how many opportunities there are for you.

Glenda - Social Work

I looked across all the courses that were offered and chose one that I thought I could instigate change through. For me that was social work.

Jodie - Education

I absolutely love studying at La Trobe. I really enjoy the community feel, small class sizes, and the one-on-one contact I can have with my lecturers.

Amanda - Accounting

Being able to study as a mature age student with parental responsibilities has made a big difference to my career.

Sherree - Graphic Design

I love the teachers. You have pretty much a teacher to yourself.

Annette - Nursing

Going out and doing clinical placements is the thing I like most about Mildura's nursing course.