Student facilities


Student accommodation is available on campus at the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE. For more information and application details, visit the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE website.


The childcare centre on the Benetook Avenue campus caters for children aged between 6 weeks and 12 years. The centre provides age-related educational activities, meals and snacks, sleep facilities, and a kindergarten.  Vacancies are limited, and bookings are required. To enquire or inspect the facilities, contact the Director.

T: (+61 3) 5022 3791
Email the centre  

Computer labs

Computer labs are in both the Benetook Ave campuses, plus one in the Gambetta Library. Students can print or photocopy at any of these labs. Payment is through the Transact La Trobe system, using your student card.

Food on campus

La Trobe students have ready access to the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE canteen, offering a broad range of foods and refreshments.

Learning Resource Centre

Shared with the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE, the Learning Resource Centre houses a library, bookshop and printroom.

Mon-Thurs 8.15am – 6pm
Fri 8.15am – 5pm
T: (+61 3) 5022 3758
F: (+61 3) 5022 3798
Email the Institute


The Gambetta Library houses a significant print collection, and has a range of learning spaces, computer workstations, wireless internet access, photocopying and print services.

As well as the local collection, La Trobe students have access to materials from all other La Trobe campus libraries. La Trobe library's extensive holdings of online journals, digitised course materials and other electronic resources are accessible at any time and University-networked computers are readily available. Students also have access to other national and international library collections.

A dedicated La Trobe Librarian can help with research and other information needs.

La Trobe Librarian: Lyn McMahon
T: (+61 3) 5051 4026
Email Ms McMahon


The bookshop stocks prescribed texts and course materials, a comprehensive range of art supplies and general stationery.

T: (+61 3) 5022 3711


The printroom provides print services including large print-run photocopying, colour copying, laminating, binding and large-batch CD and DVD copying (subject to copyright restrictions).

Teaching facilities

La Trobe Mildura students have access to high-quality teaching facilities, including a 145-seat lecture theatre (with videoconferencing), tutorial and seminar rooms, computer laboratories, and nursing laboratory.

For creative arts students, there is a studio set up for specialised study purposes.