We deliver our science in a variety of formats, for a variety of audiences. For a wide selection of our technical reports and journal articles use our electronic publications library. Factsheets on ecology topics are available for download here. For regular updates, follow us on twitter@MuDFReaCK.

Synethised knowledge, from a variety of papers and reports on a similiar topic is published in technical reports.  Our scientists present their work at client seminars, MDFRC seminars and workshops and at national and international conferences.

Our multi-disciplinary team generates new ecological knowledge to improve managers' capacity to:

  • Develop appropriate objectives and set meaninful, quantifiable targets
  • Assess the condition of water dependent ecosystems
  • Design interventions to achieve targets
  • Design monitoring programs to evaluate the outcomes of management intervention
  • Evaluate environmental outcomes and modify system understanding to help design of interventions.

Identification Guides are available from

For a full list of publications, head to this page.