Latest update

After working with environmental water managers and researchers to identify research themes, high-level research questions and research sites, MDFRC has sought Expressions of Interest (EOI) from research providers to work with MDFRC to a) complete the planning of research activities for the project, and b) deliver research through to 2018–19.

Please note the submission period for Expressions of Interest closed on 20 February 2015, and we can no longer accept submissions. Thank you to all those people who provided submissions. We are assessing submissions and will notify participants of the outcome ASAP.

Project contact

Project Director: Ben Gawne
Project Leader - Jessica Davidson


Listed below are resources that are linked to the MDB EWKR Project either as source documents and inputs, or as outputs of the project. Updates on resources can be found at The Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre

Basin Plan 2012
Water Act 2007

Collaboration & Adoption

The primary goal of the project is to undertake research that Water Managers can directly apply to their programs and operations.  To find out more go to collaborations. Find the Collaboration Space here.

Project Governance

The governance arrangements seek to ensure the project meets its objectives, in particular that the project undertakes high quality research that is of value to environmental water managers and natural resource managers across the entire Murray Darling Basin.

Project Teams

Research is  broken up into four main themes namely: vegetation, fish, waterbirds and foodwebs and managed by project teams.