Phase 2

After the identification of priority research questions and research sites, and the establishment of research plans in Phase 1, Phase 2 will involve research and communication activities to share the research outcomes with relevant stakeholders.

The research outcomes are expected to make a significant contribution to the ability to assess and understand incremental changes in ecological condition in the medium- to long-term within the context of multiple management interventions, stressors and pressures and will support the following outcomes:

  • Improved capacity to predict outcomes of environmental flow allocations and their management over 1-5 years
  • Developing predictive tools and conceptual models to inform environmental watering regimes
  • Improved water management and complementary natural resource management
  • Building capacity to set realistic objectives and targets for water management and complimentary natural resource management as the climate changes
  • Improved environmental water effectiveness through the application of science to the development and operation of environmental works and measures
  • Improved monitoring, evaluation and reporting on progress toward the Basin Plan environmental objectives and targets
  • Building capacity to report against Basin Plan environmental objectives and targets.

Research will be conducted by a range of collaborating teams from across the Murray-Darling Basin, led by MDFRC.

Up-to-date information about Phase 2 will be made available from this page.