MDFRC Annual Staff Meeting

Each year all staff from the two MDFRC laboratories get together, usually somewhere between Wodonga and Mildura for the MDFRC Annual Staff Meeting (ASM). As well as routine items like a review of the year that was and recognition of outstanding contributions, the agenda always includes a couple of major focus areas.

In mid August all staff from both laboratories of the MDFRC set aside time to convene in Moama for two and a half days of workshops and knowledge exchange to ensure that the shared vision for the future of MDFRC is clear and achievable.

Day one of the program was all about knowledge sharing within our own team, featuring 12 project presentations and some reviewing of the achievements and changes that have occurred over the last year. Day two  had staff members working in groups to complete a series of workshop questions aimed at analysing the role that each team member has to play in project management and continued improvement at MDFRC.

The outcomes of the annual all staff get together will feed into ongoing strategic planning for the Centre, with the contributions of all staff members recognised and greatly appreciated.